Step 1. Register for courses through your respective university

Step 2. Complete our In-Processing Packet (some pages intentionally left blank/not-digitally fillable) and Form 48 (BYU or UVU).

  • Please follow instructions closely when filling out the paperwork. It might seem tedious, but doing so demonstrates you have the attention to detail required of a future officer! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • Please do NOT print the packet yourself and do NOT email a completed packet to us. Either fill out the packet digitally and bring in a copy on a CD/thumb drive or stop by the detachment to pick up a hard copy.

Step 3. Attend AFROTC New Student Orientation

  • See our calendar below for the next opportunity. 
  • Our orientation is held twice a year: once prior to the start of the fall semester and once prior to the start of the BYU winter/UVU spring semester. If you cannot attend orientation on the date offered, please let us know.