Captain Metta Mundell


What made you pursue ROTC and a career in the military? 

My best friend was doing AFROTC at BYU and invited me to join her. I originally told her no, the military didn’t seem like something for me. I had been praying about what I wanted to do with my life: if and when I wanted to attend college, where I wanted to go to college, what degree I wanted to pursue, etc. I ended up in the ROTC detachment parking lot when I was on BYU campus for another friend's event and while waiting to find out where to meet him I decided to walk in and talk to them about the ROTC program. In talking with the Lt Col/Cadre member, I decided I liked the idea of trying it out for the first year or two and seeing if I found it to be what I wanted to do so I decided to join the program.

Where did you see your career going when you were a cadet? 

As I went through college and changed majors from pre-nursing to exercise science and got into the upper classes, I got more and more excited about maybe a career in Physical Therapy and the prospect of possibly pursuing it through the Air Force.

Has it followed that path? How or how not? 

Not so much. I am a Personnelist and have run into road blocks being allowed to look into cross training and having leadership to help and support me in those efforts.

What is your job in the Air Force right now? 

I currently work in the Equal Opportunity office.

What surprised you most about the Air Force? 

I guess I wouldn’t say I was super surprised; we were often told that we could run into situations where 10% of the people do 90% of the work, but I was hoping it wasn’t as bad as they said. The amount of people that lack respect for others though, that I was not expecting and am hoping that my next assignment will not have so much of this disrespect going on.

What do you like most about it? 

The cheerful, happy hardworking people that want to help others and see others (not just themselves) succeed and everyone do well.

What do you like least about it? 

The disrespect, judgement, miscommunications that occur so often.

What advice do you have for future/current cadets as they pursue careers in the military? 

Take care of your people: “service before self.” Not everyone in the Air Force takes that to heart or utilizes that.

How did ROTC prepare you for your job now? 

It helped strengthen my view of respecting others and working hard to get things done.